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BIOMOD is an biomolecular design competition for students created by the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University.  We helped create this animated video to explain the basic steps for entering the annual competition.

Making Of

The animation used in this video was different from our other projects in that the characters were completely developed using frame-by-frame animation.  This is basically the same process that studios like Disney or Warner Bros. would use to animate cartoons before the onset of CGI and 3D animation.  It involves more or less drawing each individual frame at 24 frames per second, and is analogous to the “flip book” animating you might have done as a kid.   To find out a little bit more about how we went about making this video, check out Biomod’s blog post here.


Scripting/Storyboards:  Shawn Douglas and Jason Brown (PSM).
Artwork/Animation: Jason Brown (PSM)
Sound: Joel Wasko
Narration: Dani States
Biomod Link