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Process for Whiteboard Video- Pendulum Swing Media
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Our Process

You want to make a whiteboard animation, but how do you go about doing it? Fortunately, the process is not as hard as you may think.


We will work with you to develop a solid script for you video. Since you are the expert with your idea, we’ll start with the key points you want to address.  Some people know exactly what they want to say, others need a little help. Either way it’s no problem.

Process - Scriptwriting CartoonAs we iron out your ideas verbally, the visual content for your video will also be developed. We will create storyboards to help you visualize the direction the video will take and how the story will unfold. Some drawings may be literal translations while others may be more symbolic or metaphorical.  We welcome any ideas you might have for the visual content as well.  This part of the process is very organic and there is plenty of room to move ideas around. In any case, we will use our creative talent and knowledge of the process to help guide the script in the right direction.

Once we have a good idea of where the video is going, Pendulum Swing Media will make finalized drawings for you to view.  These drawings will reflect the content that ultimately ends up on screen and you will have a chance to make changes to the finalized drawings once you review them.  All changes to the script and visual content are made at this time.


Process - Production Cartoon

Now you can sit back, relax, and watch Pendulum Swing Media get to work with the camera. The production stage of the process is where we film an artist making drawings for your video. These are real, hand-drawn images captured on film. Although the final video might be a few minutes long, the raw footage from this stage can actually amount to several hours!

We also prepare drawings and materials for animations at this stage, as well as record a professional voiceover. We will audition several voice talents and share samples of the five best auditions with you. You then have the option to select the talent that will ultimately be the voice for your video.


The raw material has been gathered, but now we need to slice, dice and assemble all the pieces into a final video.

Process - Post CartoonWhile it would be pretty cool if we could use swords and do our editing ninja style, we actually use a few different software applications to get the effects we are looking for.  This is where the heavy lifting for animation, sound effects, and audio takes place, as well as syncing the various pieces together.  We will show you a rough cut of the video once it is near completion and you can request changes to the timing of certain effects at this time.  The end result is a polished video packed with amazing content, ready to share your message with the world.