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Intelligent M

Every year thousands of people die from infections that occur while being treated in a healthcare facility. Even so, the Center for Disease Control estimates that nearly 70% of these infections can be reduced or eliminated with proper hand hygiene.

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Why is the Sky Blue?

I made this short whiteboard animation for my son Jack to help explain a very common question that kids have. He's not old enough to appreciate it yet but I plan to make more as he grows and I hope one day I will have a number of videos to show him when the questions start rolling in. It's a side project and I plan to make more when possible, so check back from time to time to see other educational videos.

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Sensa hired us to make a 90 second video outlining the benefits of their Weight Loss System. The video tells the story about a woman, named Carol, who tries to lose weight every way she can. When nothing seems to work, she is ready to give up when she stumbles across a TV ad for Sensa.

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Posterfolio 1

Posterfolio is a web-based networking platform for science and research professionals. We were hired to promote the initial launch of the site using the whiteboard animation style.

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Pendulum Swing Media grew out of a need to explain scientific research to a larger audience and was inspired by the whiteboard animation style made for the RSA organization (innovated by Cognitive Media in the United Kingdom).

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