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Frequently Asked Questions - Pendulum Swing Media
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Frequently Asked Questions

[reveal color="orange-lite" title="How long does it take?" open="false"]

A 90 second video will take about three weeks to complete. The greatest variable in terms of turn-around time is the scriptwriting phase at the beginning of the process. Depending on the needs of the client and the complexity of the script, the scriptwriting phase can take as little as a couple days to as long as a few weeks.


[reveal color="orange-lite" title="How long are most videos?" open="false"]We have made videos that range in time from one minute to ten minutes. In general most marketing videos tend to be between one and three minutes in length, while videos that are more instructional in nature tend to have longer running times.[/reveal]
[reveal color="orange-lite" title="What is the process?" open="false"]A more detailed description of the process can be found here, but in general the process is composed of three phases.

1. Scriptwriting/Storyboards

2. Production

3. Post-Production (Editing)[/reveal]

[reveal color="orange-lite" title="Do you provide a voiceover?" open="false"]

Yes. We will audition several voice talents and select the five best samples to share with you. You then have the option to select the talent that will ultimately be the voice for your idea. Because we are a full service studio, the voiceover is included in the production process.


[reveal color="orange-lite" title="What do I need to make a video?" open="false"]1. An outline or list of the key points you want to communicate. Ideas about how you want to deliver the message are also helpful when developing the script.

2. Any opening or closing scenes you want to include in the video (e.g. – landing page, logo, etc.). (optional)

3. Any musical scores you want to include in the video. (optional)

That’s it! We are a full service studio, so we can take care of everything else needed to make a great animated video.[/reveal]

[reveal color="orange-lite" title="Can you help me with the script?" open="false"]

Yes. You know your idea and we know animation. The scriptwriting phase is a time for testing and brainstorming, picking out the essentials and refining them until your idea takes shape as a story. We will use our experience and knowledge of visual communication to make the most of the animation medium. Depending on your needs, we can offer as little or as much input as you like, but in the end you will get a solid script for sharing your message with others.


[reveal color="orange-lite" title="Can I make changes to the video?" open="false"]Yes. In the scriptwriting phase, after we have storyboarded the script and refined it to a near final stage, we will present you with polished drawings for each scene, at which time you can make changes. We include one round of revisions during this phase. If you find that you still need revisions after the scenes have been produced, we charge $80 per hour for overages.[/reveal]
[reveal color="orange-lite" title=" Do you offer discounts?" open="false"]

Yes.  We offer a 5% discount for an onscreen credit and link back to our website.  Because Pendulum Swing Media is a strong believer in advancing education, we also offer discounts and alternative solutions for education and research videos.


[reveal color="orange-lite" title="How much does it cost?" open="false"]Each project is unique and has its own needs and expectations. Our fees are based on the overall length,complexity, animations, and scope of the project. If you would like a quote, please contact us using the form below and provide as much detail as possible. We will get back to you right away.

[contact-form-7 id="4946" title="Project Enquiry"][/reveal]