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Explainer Videos - What Are They?
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Why an Explainer Video?

The name says it all – these videos explain stuff.  Generally they tend to be a couple minutes long and use visual tools and an audio narrative to tell a story that simplifies complex subject matter.  They come in many styles and cover all sorts of topics, from marketing and sales all the way over to science and learning. But there’s a reason explainer videos are so popular – they are effective at communicating ideas.

What’s Going On Under the Hood

For starters, explainer videos use story to lay out a process. Few things make sense and capture the imagination the way a story does. With a beginning, middle, and end, stories take the audience by the hand and guide them through the process IN TIME, revealing each of the individual key points when appropriate. Nothing is shown out of place, and so a RELATIONSHIP is formed between the parts, giving them context for better memory retention and association.

So what’s the benefit of adding images to the story? Well, combined with pictures and movement a story takes on a entirely new dimension altogether.  Images show spatial relationships as well as chronological ones, enhancing the progression of the story with a visual roadmap.  Used well, a few images can provide as much information as an entire book full of words.  Consider architectural plans. All of the information needed to build a house, laid out perfectly with everything in the right place, can be communicated in just a few drawings.  Can you imagine how massive architectural plans would be if they were text only?  Not only would it take weeks to read them, but they would be extremely confusing!

The Pendulum Swing Difference

Every video we make is made from scratch. We start by learning about your company and the product or service you need to explain. From there we work on a script. The script is paramount to a good story and acts as a backbone to the video. We make sure the key points are laid out and everything flows well.

Next we develop storyboards to complement the script. These aren’t just run-of-the-mill storyboards that move like a slideshow either, but dynamic storyboards tailored specifically to your project. We consider every image and effect available to us so that we tell your story with all the nuance and subtlety necessary. Maybe you need to zoom out and recap all of the relationships; maybe you need a drawing that comes to life and interacts with another drawing; or maybe you need something to grow and evolve throughout the script. Whatever works best with the story, and fits into the larger overall theme, that’s what we look for. We want to make a video that follows the natural flow of the idea, not a video that boxes up your idea in the form of a template.

And because we do everything in house we have a solid understanding of our tools and can plan the storyboards with all the technical considerations in mind. We even make all of our own images and artwork from scratch, which provides a level of flexibility and control many other studios don’t offer. In the end, you get a creative, imaginative video that breathes life into your story and, above all else, effectively explains your product or service.