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Whiteboard Animation

Pendulum Swing Media is an animation company that specializes in custom whiteboard animation, a powerful and interesting medium for communicating ideas through drawing and animation. Also known as video scribing, this medium provides a creative and unique way to market your product or service that is both engaging and educational. Because complex ideas are easily communicated with whiteboard animation, we have also made videos for corporate, training, and educational uses, as well animations for research presentations.

Image – McDonald’s

How We Do It

Every whiteboard animation is made from scratch so that your message is told in the best way possible to your target audience. We do not use software to make a fake hand, nor do we use clip art or templates. (If your audience notices something strange about your video, what will they think of your message?) Instead we use a live artist and original animations that are tailored to your message. We oversee each step of the process from beginning to end with all work performed in house by a single artist/animator. Because of our cohesive process we are able to produce highly customized content at an affordable price. Every whiteboard animation is made with original content, a real artist, and unique animations.

Why We Do It

The pendulum is always swinging and with that comes the responsibility to adapt to changes in the world around us. Our company is based on promoting innovation and new ideas for these shifting paradigms – hence, the Pendulum Swing name.